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Heirloom Brushed 100% Wool Throw Blanket

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A classic, beautiful wool throw blanket with comfort and softness for days. You'll love the timeless, quintessential wool blanket design to add that vintage beauty and style to any room, whether draped over a chair, end of the bed, or yourself! What's more, it is the perfect companion to bring to the park for a picnic or wrap around your shoulders to keep warm and dry.

This throw blanket is reversible with heathered gray and just a few bold black stripes on one side and black and a few bold heathered gray on the other. The quality and impeccable detail exemplify bold, traditional heirloom-quality craftsmanship in a piece that can be passed down for many generations to come. 


  • 100% Wool - Brushed to create wool that feels almost as soft as cashmere! Cozy!!!
  • Naturally elastic and will withstand much cuddling, 20,000 to be exact before any of the fibers break!
  • Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture, which means it keeps moisture away from the body so no hot and clammy feelings!
  • Even though wool can absorb moisture, it is partially water repellant when liquid is spilled on the material. The liquid will pool up or run off!
  • Naturally, stain resistant so it needs very little washing!!! That is an A++ in our book! 
  • All-seasons fabric as it is a great temperature regulator and functions in both hot and cold conditions!
  • Naturally flame retardant!
  • Natural and Renewable Resource!
  • 59 x 49.5 inches




Wool is naturally water-resistant, which makes it impervious to stains and wrinkles. If your wool blanket is in need of a little refreshing, we suggest hanging it outside in bright sunshine. If you need a deeper clean, dry cleaning is the preferred method.