Gustafs - Dutch Black Licorice -  Double Salt - Ganje’s

Gustafs - Dutch Black Licorice - Double Salt

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Salty (yet curiously sweet!) hard licorice drops. Taste One of the Original Salt Licorices in the World and see why it is a Favorite! This firm, salty licorice is produced by Gustaf's factory in Holland since 1876! Because the Dutch are such consummate connoiseurs of black licorice, Double Salt Licorice is made to the Highest Dutch Standards!

We love the authentic taste of lightly sugared, sweet licorice that gives our Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Coins their traditional appeal. Fat free and delicious, these candies are in a cute bear shape, and they're a perfect choice for the black licorice connoisseur.

  • Made with all-natural ingredients -  Real Licorice Root Extract and Sugar Coated to Enhance the Flavor.
  • Licorice Bears are Soft, Chewy, Sweet Licorice Shaped Bears
  • Contains wheat
  • Fat free
  • Available in additional shapes, sold separately
  • Made in Netherlands 

 5.2 Oz. bag